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Jobs in Construction Easy to Come by, Harder to Get

There are a number of reasons why jobs in construction can be simple to find but much harder to get. As a construction worker, you may find that even with advanced education and relevant experience, you still have trouble landing a job. Although this can become frustrating, here are some ideas to help you obtain that construction job.

Searching Online for Construction Jobs

Today, searching online is far easier and time-efficient than applying for work on the street. When searching online, be sure to use relevant keywords to find the best construction work.

  • If you don't have much experience, you'll want to use keywords such as general labor or construction labor. These construction jobs can help advance your expertise while also allowing you the opportunity to do what you enjoy.
  • If you have specific experience in construction, then the search is even easier. Simply use keywords that match your expertise such as roofing, electricians or plumbing.
  • More advanced keywords include business management, and construction management.

Why Construction Jobs Can Be Hard To Get

Construction jobs are usually easy to find on the Internet. Unfortunately, whether it's Craigslist or CareerCast, you're probably wondering why the jobs aren't rolling in all the time. There are several reasons why landing a construction job may be so difficult:

  • Your resume may not be well-written or lacks depth.
  • You may not want to be a construction worker as much as you think you do.
  • Your interviewing skills are unsatisfactory.

Writing an effective resume is often easier said than done. Sometimes you think you have written the perfect resume but someone else may have written one just a little bit better. When it's time for the hiring manager to select who will be interviewed, that tiny difference might stand out enough for you to lose the job to the other applicant.

You should always put work experience on your resume, regardless if it's relevant to construction work. Additionally, volunteer work almost always counts as work experience for a resume, especially if you have no paid experience. Consider hiring a professional resume writer; you would be surprised at how they will be able to weave your experience together to get you more interviews and job offers.

Your interviewing skills also need to be impeccable. That first impression really does count; people naturally want to hire and work with positive, friendly and professional people. Obviously, as a construction worker you won't have to worry so much about proper attire as long as you meet company safety standards. However, even when you interview for a construction job, you might get an extra nod of approval if you arrive in a suit and tie or dress pants and dress shirt. 

You may face some challenging questions at the interview. Being overly casual, neatly sidestepping questions and providing minimal answers may make the interview process less uncomfortable; however, you might find yourself passed over repeatedly for candidates who present themselves professionally. 

Perseverance is the Key to Success

Even with experience and education you may not get a construction job immediately. Employers will notice you if they feel you have talent and dedication. On the other hand, they will also notice your desperation. Consequently, you should strive to stay motivated through times when the job search becomes frustrating. If you find yourself getting discouraged, take a deep breath and consider these ideas:

  • Even if you haven’t found a job after several months, show the same confidence you had during the first interview. 
  • If you find yourself hesitating when it's time to apply for another construction job, you need to ask yourself, "Is this what I really want?"
  • Remember that the best construction jobs vary throughout the year. Generally, it will be harder to be hired for construction work during the winter season. You might need to relocate to another area if that’s where the jobs are.

If you really want that high-paying construction job, you'll have to put forth the effort to get it. In the construction industry, the most experienced and most determined workers are the ones who get the jobs. If you're willing to demonstrate consistent effort, you should find that continuously finding and landing your next construction jobs will become easier over time.

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