Careers in Construction Management Get Competitive

Careers in Construction Management Get Competitive

After the economic recession, careers in construction management have taken a significant hit, as companies have implemented budget cuts that eliminate staff and contract work. Despite the changes in the job market, careers in construction management are growing more and more competitive, but the manager position remains an essential job in the construction field. Those with careers in construction management who aim to hold a steady job, or climb in their career should work to distinguish their skills and stand above the rest in the field.

These goals can be met by improving education, highlighting beneficial areas of the resume, obtaining endorsement letters, and learning about a potential employer and articulating how they can best be served. These tips will give those seeking careers in construction management a competitive edge in becoming valuable members of the workforce. 

Those seeking careers in construction management should consider using education as a key method to improving skills and standing out to potential employers. Courses in construction management may be found at both two-year and four-year colleges. Many programs may work toward a certificate of specialization, an associate's degree, or a bachelor's degree. Such courses teach the essentials of commercial and residential construction. They also instill the skills important to the job, including leadership, planning, and supervising. Students may choose from a variety of classes, including courses on materials, equipment, management, architecture, planning, and many others.

Resume Building
A resume is often the first impression a potential employer will have of a potential employee. The resume should be considered an opportunity to showcase unique skills and special talents. A resume highlights education in the field, past job and project experience, and future career goals. Many examples of resumes may be found on the Internet, but a good resume should be tailored to demonstrate specific qualities related to the job. Whether the job seeker is new to the industry or looking to advance in a career, a quality resume is sure to differentiate competitors seeking careers in construction management. 

Endorsement Letters
A letter of recommendation has the potential to reflect a good prior working relationship with the job seeker. A good endorsement letter explains the relationship with the person, their skills, work experience, reliability, and how all these could be directed to benefit the company the letter is addressed to. A positive endorsement letter speaks volumes to not only the potential employee's construction management skills, but also their overall character. Consider a co-worker or boss as potential people to write an endorsement letter.

Studying a Potential Employer
Before the interview, the job seeker should take the opportunity to research the employer and the specific job description. Preparing for the interview in this way speaks volumes and will help the job seeker define what they can bring to the position. In studying the employer, those searching for careers in construction management can identify areas of weakness in the company and articulate what he or she could do to implement positive change. 

Securing the Job
Jobs in construction management are competitive, but with the right tools, the job seeker has the power to hone their skills and become a valuable asset to the job market. Whatever the level of the job seeker’s education, experience, or employment status – whether a seasoned construction manager or someone trying to break in - their career can benefit from these tips. Furthering education, building a resume, obtaining endorsement letters, and preparing for a potential employer are all integral steps to differentiating one construction manager from the next. Those willing to put in the effort will achieve successful results.