Construction Industry Optimism In 2014

Construction Industry Optimism In 2014

According to KPMG International’s 2013 Global Construction Survey: Ready for the Next Big Wave?, a majority of companies in the global engineering and construction sector have fresh confidence in the growth prospects for the industry. The Americas have the highest confidence for growth with 90 percent forecasting margins as stable or increasing by more than 2 percent. By contrast, 28 percent of companies in the AsPac region see margins decreasing below 2 percent.

In the Americas, privatization efforts via public-private partnerships (48 percent) ranked as the second-leading driver for growth behind government infrastructure plans (58 percent) followed by access to new energy sources, such as natural gas or renewables (42 percent).

Geno Armstrong, Global Chair, Engineering & Construction and a principal with KPMG in the US, commented:

“Our 2013 survey shows the overall outlook in the industry is directionally positive,” he said. “A higher level of confidence in the Americas, demonstrated by large margin growth, is an indication of greater efficiency and cost management.”