Employers Need More Construction Workers

Construction Hiring

At its nadir during the recession, construction employment fell below 5.5 million nationwide. No industry felt the squeeze of that period in the late 2000s-early 2010s quite like construction, and the climb back has been slow.

However, with total construction employment in Summer 2016 sitting a bit below 6.7 million -- still 1 million below its peak in 2007 -- construction employers have encountered a new problem.

They have more work available than people to complete projects.

The National Association of Homebuilders released a report saying there are roughly 200,000 open jobs in construction as of August 2016.

An increase of 81% more openings than two years ago at this time makes for a seeker's market. Skilled construction workers can command high wages. According to a report by Fortune, salaries in some areas are above even pre-recession standards.

The Associated General Contractors of America estimate a 5.6% increase in employer spending throughout 2016, as of the end of July. For those seeking opportunities in the field, CareerCast Construction Network's database of jobs spans all skill sets, and includes job openings from around the nation.